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Welcome to Junior

This is a site specifically aimed at Junior Engineers in the heavy industry en route to write the Government Certificate of Competency Examination or GCC. We boast a library of past examination papers and many other resources such as help, advice and mentorship. Here you will find information on how to approach the preparation for the examination, as well as downloads, links, law asessments, past papers and lots more. Feel free to use the forum to pose any questions and suggestions. Knowledge is power! Do your part to keep this site alive by submitting any useful material to and I will ensure that it gets posted on this site.
Sumendran Naidoo - Founder

Latest News!
  • JnrEngineer is going premium. Payment is easy via sms and for only R30, you will have access to all of the resources on this site. Charges are merely to keep the site alive, please still feel free to share the content with anyone you wish once downloaded. Payment is easy and convenient. You will get instant access with no registration or forms.
  • Registration for the November 2014 Exams are open, register early to book your spot. They will close this month for most campuses.

Tips for the law exam:

  • Try recording youself reciting definitions and listen to them while driving.
  • Ensure that you know all definitions off by heart
  • Do not neglect the Codes of Practice
  • Ensure you know an engineer's responsibilities in particular
  • Answer questions practically